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Bright Plastics, a successful manufacturing company located in North Carolina, retained Bump Spaces to redesign their office space to showcase their unique products and services to potential clients.

Bump Spaces began the process by methodically examining the Bright Plastics brand’s colors and fonts. The design team adapted the logo so that it would have more dimension while making it easier for customers to read and identify on signage. After the logo development was completed, the design was incorporated throughout the showroom. Photographs were taken in the manufacturing facility showing the employees operating machinery and assembling the many Bright Plastics products. Each design decision was based on how it would fit with the overall brand and meet the objective of telling the story of what Bright Plastics can do for a potential customer.


A popular convenient store located in Clemmons, North Carolina, retained Bump Spaces to design a hot dog station. The objective behind the new design went beyond making an attractive food station that would boost sales—the goal was to also change the mindset of consumers to think of the Quality Mart as a place where they could purchase quality food.

The color palette tied in with the strong brand presence already established throughout the Quality Mart chain. The eye-catching, bright colors of the three-dimensional signs were designed to attract customers to the space. From there, we created a friendly and inviting environment that would appeal to all age groups.

The hot dog names were created to connect to local school mascots, giving customers a sense of belonging within the community and the understanding that this is their neighborhood store. The redesigned space has not only increased hot dog sales, but it has also created change in the mindset of consumers to think of the Quality Mart as a place to purchase fresh, quality food.

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